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Where can I get the textbook?

We do not sell the books in our classes. You can either get them online yourself or through Annie Falk:

The Language Centre Bookshop


Email: language@iinet.net.au

Phone: 08 9328 8965

News from Annie (January 2018):

*    We are just moving into a new North Perth location so you are able to collect from there (only  open by prior arrangement). Please don't just arrive as the location is not always attended. There is parking below the building, or you could also park at MacDonald's, cross Scarborough Beach Rd and walk 1 minute. 

*    I will, as always,  be there for enrolment night, but to save queuing it is wise to call me to  arrange pre-payment and so I have an idea of how many books of any one type I need. Pre-paid orders don’t need to queue – this is  particularly good if it is a hot evening. 

*    Eftpos payment is available (for books only, NOT class fees).

*    Books can be ordered on-line but payment by Pay Pal is required.

*    My mobile is 0407386453 

What textbooks do you use?

We use a series called "Menschen". There is a course book and a work book.

Beginners 1 and 2 (A1):  Menschen A1

Intermediate 1 and 2 (A2): Menschen A2

Advanced 1 (B1): Menschen B1

 Advanced 2 (B2): please confirm with your class teacher

Advanced 3 (C1): please confirm with your class teacher

How much does the book cost?

It depends where you get it from. Annie has been working with us for a long time and if you contact her, she will know exactly which book and edition to get for you. The cost is $85 and the book will last you for a whole year of classes. If you decide to get the book online, you do so at your on risk.

Do you give refunds for your classes?

No, we generally do not give refunds for our classes once you have committed to them. Through paying your fee, you are guaranteed a spot in our class. However, we all know that we lead busy lives and we are happy for you to defer a term or a semester, if you wish. 

I'm not sure what level of German I'm at or what class to enrol.

We don't have entry tests for our different levels and classes. Our classes are run flexibly and if you consider a level too hard or too easy, you are more than welcome to swap classes and try a different level. Our goal is that you feel comfortable with the level and enjoy the class! Have a chat to our teachers at the enrolment night or contact goethewa@hotmail.com.

As a guide for what we teach in our classes and in the different levels, please have a look at the link from the Goethe Institute in Melbourne which outlines the European Language framework we adhere to:

European Language Framework

I can't make it to the enrolment night. Is there another way to enrol?

Yes, you can enrol via email: goethesocietywa@yahoo.com. Please download the enrolment form from the adult classes page, complete it and email it to the address above. Your name will then be put on the class list. For payment options, please see "How do I pay for my class?".

The classes have already started. Can I still enrol?

Yes, you can still enrol in our classes. Your class teacher will bring you up to speed and let you know what you have missed. If you have no background knowledge in the language at all, please contact goethesocietywa@yahoo.com and we will work out the best option for you. Fees might be adapted.

How do I pay for my class?

You can pay at the enrolment night or in your first class in cash or by cheque. You can also pay by direct debit. Your direct debit details can be found on the enrolment form which you can download from the adult classes page.

Fees must be paid by the end of the second week after course commencement, otherwise the student loses the right to participate.

I will be missing a class. What should I do?

That is no problem. Your class teacher can tell you what you will be missing in future lessons, so you don't fall behind. You should also have received your class teacher's email in the first lesson.You can contact her, if you miss a class unexpectedly.


Our exams are recognised world wide. Please contact Iris Ludewig (irisludewig@hotmail.com) for more information.

Who do I contact for what?

Iris Ludewig for exams and cultural events: irisludewig@hotmail.com, 9402 4321

Agnes Moser for the kids' classes general inquiries: goethekidswa@hotmail.com, 9304 0365

Angela Gamel for the adult classes general inquiries: goethesocietywa@yahoo.com, 9409 8875

We endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Goethe is a not for profit organisation and all of our teachers and contacts work part or full time in other jobs too. Please take that into consideration. Thank you :)

How are the classes structured?

We have two new intakes a year: in February and in July. If you have previous knowledge of German, it is a bit easier, you can start with us at any time and join a class which is already running.

We have 2 semesters each year and each semester is divided up into 2 terms (so 4 terms all up in a year).

Example: Level A1

A1 consists of A1.1 (Beginners 1) and A1.2 (Beginners 2). Beginners 1 and Beginners 2 each run for 1 semester (i.e. 2 terms). So to complete the level A1, you would study for 2 semesters with us. The books you are buying for this course, will last you for the whole year (you won't have to buy new books for Beginners 2 after you completed Beginners 1). 

The other levels are structured in a similar way. 

Kids' classes: From what age can I enrol my child?

The minimum age for our children's classes is 5.

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