Goethe Society WA

The Goethe Society WA: 1949 until now

There are Goethe Societies in many parts of the world. Our aim is the promotion and enjoyment of all aspects of German culture.

The Society takes its name from the greatest German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). During his life, Goethe gained worldwide renown from his first novel The Sorrows of the Young Werther. But it is with his play Faust and with his poems that Goethe’s fame rests most enduringly. He put something of himself into the character of Faust, whom he depicts as a man forever restlessly striving after knowledge, action and experience. Though he lived his life during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Goethe can be described as a Renaissance man in the sense that his mind and activities embraced many fields of human endeavor, and he was in this sense a complete man. As a man of letters – a lyric poet, dramatist and novelist – he reached a stature rivaled by few others. He was also well versed in philosophy and in science, where his mind embraced the fields of geology, optics, botany and comparative anatomy.

Far from devoting himself exclusively to his art, he gave service as a minister of state in the small principality of Weimar. He took an interest in music and practiced the art of drawing to such effect that thousands of his drawings have survived, a testament to his excellent draftsmanship....

For more, download Erika Hähnel's entire history in pdf format.  


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