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Welcome to the Goethe Society WA!

Whether you've never learnt any German before, want to brush up on your language skills, or have an interest in German-speaking cultures - you've come to the right place! The Goethe Society WA offers a range of language classes for adults and children, as well as exciting cultural events throughout the year.

We offer:

  • Cultural events - such as public lectures, theatre performances, film nights, concerts, readings, discussion groups and lots more!
  • A German-language library on campus at the University of Western Australia.

Our teachers are all native speakers and are experienced in teaching German in a fun, accessible way.

This is what one of our students, Marie, had to say about our classes:

"I would like to share my rewarding experience with the Goethe Society WA in Perth!

Between 2011 and 2015 I attended German classes every Friday night. In 2015 (year 10) I completed the German WACE exam as a private candidate, since my high school did not offer German as a second language.

When I graduated (2016), my German mark was actually the highest out of all my ATAR subjects. It contributed enormously to my eventually high ATAR score and set my pathway into Medicine. I would definitely recommend the WACE German classes as they prepared me well in all areas for the exam, not just in terms of grammar and writing skills, but also in terms of content for the different topics covered in the exam. Furthermore, the weekly classes taught me valuable German skills that I can now use on a daily basis.

I would therefore highly recommend the Goethe Society WA as my experience with them was fantastic and I would strongly urge any parents or students wanting to improve their German language skills to attend classes at the Goethe Society WA in Perth!"


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