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Our Teachers

Read on to find out more about our teachers - how they came to teach German, why they love it, and more!

Angela Gamel

I am Angela and I moved from Switzerland to Perth in 2006. I transferred my studies from the University of Berne to UWA and completed a double degree in Linguistics and German. After my Honours in German and the opportunity to take part in a teaching internship I decided to get professionally qualified as a teacher and completed the Diploma in Education in 2010.

I have been teaching adult classes at the Goethe Society since 2010 and I enjoy it very much. I feel privileged to meet so many people who share my passion for languages and the culture of German-speaking countries.

I love teaching German and we have fun exploring the language and its features during lessons.

Why don't you have a crack at it! Deutsch macht Spaß!

Nadine Baumgartner

Since I finished my Masters in 2010, I have been working as a secondary school teacher of German. For the first couple of years, I taught native speakers in Switzerland and since 2014 I've continued to share my love of the German language with students here in Perth. I especially enjoy teaching students of different levels (beginners to advanced) and different age groups (young people, uni students and adults). My favourite foods from the German-speaking countries would have to be Swiss chocolate and cheese!


Iris Ludewig-Rohwer 

Hi, I grew up in Glückstadt (Happy Town), Germany, and completed my studies at Hamburg University with a double Master's degree in  Tertiary and Secondary Education, Sign Languages and Business Administration.  Since my arrival in Perth in 2003, I have been teaching German in various institutions, such as the University of Western Australia, the Goethe Society WA and Central TAFE. I also coordinate the exams at the Goethe Society WA - So, once you are ready to sit an exam, please get in touch with me.

I am passionate about learning and teaching, and hold the deepest respect for all our students who dedicate their free time to language learning, be it on the weekend or at night time.

Ich liebe Deutsch! Und du? 

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